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Why having clear vision is so important

You ever found yourself wondering what the HELL you are doing with your life?!

Why are you working for this company that don’t give a damn about you...

Why you’re dating this guy that keeps yo yo-ing your feelings around...

Why you can’t ever seem to make your budget work...

The answer is simple. Your vision is blurry

In life, we often get hit by ups and downs of all different impacts.

Over time, it’s so easy to get lost in the tornado called “life” that you wind up wondering how and when you got stuck in this place.

When you have no vision of where you’re going, you wind up somewhere you never planned.

But don’t feel alone because we are all pretty much with you. We generally have an idea of what we want but not a clear vision of it. 

In order to live a life that you are proud of, your life needs a clear vision. 

There is a huge difference between being CLEAR on where you're vs having a general idea of what you want and waiting to see if you ever get it. 

This is your life and you have all the power (whether you feel it or not) to create the life you love. 

If you want to attract more, be more, have more… If you want to live more intentionally… If you want to make proper decisions that will guide you to a life full of happiness and fulfillment, then I got you covered.  

First, Identify what your vision is

Generally, we have an idea of what we want out of life, but rarely do we sit down and truly think about what it means to us. 

We want to be happy... but what does happiness look like for us? What are the things that actually bring us happiness? 

We want to have a loving family... but what is love? How do we expect love to be expressed? How do we express love? Are we even in a place to receive or give love? 

We want to travel more... but we never make a plan to go. Hell, we might even know exactly where we want to go. But never even look up flights and hotels to see if it’s in our reach. 

The clearer your vision the easier it is for you to stay on track, and avoid distraction. When you know what your happiness is... it’s a lot easier to walk away from things that disrupts your peace. 

So, ask yourself the tough questions. 

Get deep. 

What goals would you need to fulfill in your life in order to make yourself truly happy?  What does pure happiness mean to you? Are you surrounded by family and friends that love you? Think about how you would want to be loved. Would you have a lot of money? Doing what and how much would you want and need? 

Get specific. 

Then, Make the plan and keep focused

Planning is the key to creating a vision that works. Now that you have a destination, you need to sort out a way to get yourself there. 

Break down the process even further. Take your vision and map out what you would need to do in order to get yourself where you are wanting to go. 

This might mean implementing something small in your daily life. 

Little by little, a little become a lot” - Tanzanian Proverb

Finally, Keep a laser FOCUS!

Understand that your values and beliefs will keep you on track and you have to keep a laser focus on them.

I grew up as an only child in a single parent home and the one thing I NEVER wanted was to have a baby before being married. At the time, this belief was my top focus.

All my friends were virgins (or at least to my knowledge) and we didn’t talk about sex much. 

Once I went to college and my friends changed and life happened,  my vision gradually became fuzzier and fuzzier.... I found myself compromising on things here and there. Fast forward a couple years and BOOM... I found myself being a single mother. 

All because I lost focus on the vision I had for my life.

Values and beliefs are so powerful. We all have them but not all of us check back in with them regularly. 

So take some time and write out your vision. Don’t just think about it…

Better yet, create a vision board… Get some magazines and visually map out the life you want. Something you can look at every single day. Something that can motivate and uplift you. 

Remember what you are working towards. 

By sticking to what you believe in, it’s a lot easier to follow the pathway that you have created for yourself and your happiness.

And isn't the goal. To live a life that makes you happy… that fulfills you. You deserve everything you can ever dream of and it’s time to get clear on what it is you actually want so you can create a plan to get it. 

By following these three tips you will create a powerful vision for yourself that will guide you straight to happiness and utter life fulfillment. 

Now it’s Action Time

Think about : 1. A situation in your life where you accomplished exactly what you wanted 2. A situation where it didn’t work out how you had hoped it would.

Ask yourself how clear you were on your intentions of each situation and the plan that you executed (or didn’t)  for each situation. 

Share with me below how and when clarity on your vision has helped you in your life.


If you are ready to get really REALLY clear… I challenge you to join my FREE 7 day VISION challenge.

We will be going deep into every area of life… Career… Relationships… Wealth… Self… etc. It starts Monday, October 12, 2020. I hope to see you there. 


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