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How to Use Science on Your Journey to Self Care

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Being a woman, mom, business owner, #AllTheThings is exciting... move over Captain Marvel!! — but it’s so easy to get lost in the balance.

You are juggling everything, caring for everyone... except yourself — and the worse part is... you probably don’t even know how.

You are not along babe. I’m 29 and just realized I don’t know how to really take care of myself.

But guess what my girl... I got you! In this article I’m going to take you along with me to start a “scientific” journey to self care. With a Maslow diagram and the Self Care Prescription book, we are on our way.

Wait... Why the Maslow diagram?!

It’s the science in the journey. Maslow outlines our hierarchy of needs. So we are going to use his chart to make sure we are fulfilling each level.

This article will focus on the foundation.

First, we’ll identify our foundational needs

Our foundational needs are physiological; breathing, food, water, and sleep. Yes, most of these are things we are already doing... but are we doing them well?

Second, create a goal!

You have to know where you’re tryna go if you ever plan on making it there. So we have to have a goal.

Here’s Mine:

To create habits and routines that meet my basic human needs and allow me to set a foundation for a healthy happy life. At the end of these 30 days I want to have more energy and feel stronger. I also want to start understanding my body.

Third, do some research... remember it’s scientific!

I started with reading Chapter 3: Get Moving! Physical Self Care, in the Self Care Prescription, Robyn L Gobin talks about sleep, exercise, nutrition, and moving; but I’m focusing on sleep and nutrition for now (remember Maslow).

Then I set out to learn about how to improve the quality of air at home, making sure I had a comfortable sleeping space along with an evening routine to promote better sleep, and tools to learn about nutrition.

Fourth, create the plan.

Now that we know where we are going and have a better understanding of how we can get there... we need to map out our journey. These are the changes I’m making for the next 30 days!


I want to to improve the quality of air at my home so I

  • made a commitment to vacuum each night

  • purchased a pluggable air purifier

  • purchased a variety of plants proven to improve air quality in the home.


I know we all have seen the Facebook ads for Noom, so I thought I would give it a try. Noom is an app that teaches proper nutrition and healthy eating habits.

I also signed up for a meal kit service. With all the things on my plate, grocery shopping doesn’t need to be one of them.


I purchased a 64oz bottle and committed to drinking at least 64oz daily.


I made sure my bed was extra cozy... 2 mattress toppers, 4 super fluffy pillows with satin cases, and heated blanket (for my 65 degree room)... and don’t forget the eye mask and Calm sleep music.

I also created a evening routine that took my mind from running 1000 mph to at ease before bed. Check out the book Evening Routines of Millionaires by Z. B. on kindle for great tips to creating an amazing evening routine.

Our fifth and final step:


We did all this hard work, but if we don’t implement it than it was for nothing!

We want to be the best version of ourselves and taking care of our basic needs sets the foundation for our self care.

This is a journey I hope you join me on! Let me know your 30 day plan to setting your self care foundation. Let’s do this together!

I can’t wait to hear how making these changes and working on your basic needs have improved your life.

Talk soon,

XOXO - Lyn Parker

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