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Dear Twenties

We have had one hell of a journey. I met you as a naive little college girl not knowing you were about to turn my life up side down.

For most people, you are a representation of a time of fun, light hearted mistakes and vibrancy. But our history is much murkier.

I met you as a girl who had it all figured out. Graduate as a Construction Manager by 21. Get my Masters in Architecture by 24. Married by 25. First baby by 26. But you had different plans.

I met you as an optimistic girl. One who gave trust freely. Who didn’t believe there were monsters in the world. Who didn’t see the worse in people.

I met you as an empowered girl. One who had all the confidence in the world. Who only applied to one college; the college of her dreams and never questioned if she would get in. Who knew what she had to offer and wasn’t afraid to show it.

I met you as an unprepared girl. Unprepared for the pain. Unprepared for having dreams snatched away. Unprepared to be a single mother. Unprepared to be a college dropout. Unprepared for obesity. Unprepared for depression. Unprepared for sexual abuse. Unprepared for emotional abuse. Unprepared to be a rape victim. Unprepared for an abortion. Unprepared to see the monsters in the world. Unprepared to be a monster in the world.

I met you as a girl who didn’t know she would wake up one day being clueless, degree less, pessimistic, self conscious, disempowered, broken and damaged.

It’s been a hell of a ride. But our journey is over. And it’s time for me to leave you.

I leave you as a woman. And I will take with me all of the lessons, and leave behind the pain.

You taught me compassion. The ability to have grace with myself and others.

You taught me honesty. Beyond telling the truth and facts. Honesty of the heart. Honesty with my emotions and intentions.

You taught me resilience. How to pick myself up when there isn’t a soul around. How to keep fighting and keep pushing forward.

You taught me community. How irreplaceable a loving, supportive uplifting collection of human beings really are.

You taught me nimbleness. How to create a plan and move forward but be able to adapt to whatever is thrown my way.

You taught me the importance of love. Loving and caring for myself holistically, so I can love and care for others the way I love and care for myself.

Your final lesson for me was choice. You taught me that I have the power to choose my life. Whether it will be successful, empowered, empowering, joyful or not.

So I choose to take the lessons and leave the pain.

I choose to meet Thirties as a reempowered

woman. An empowering woman. A resilient woman. An optimistic woman. A humble woman. A gracious woman. A loving woman. A prepared woman.

Thank you Twenties, thank you for our journey, thank you for my growth!

XOXOX - Lyn 💋

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