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I help you launch a photography business that is profitable in year ONE!

How Does This Work?

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Starting a photography business is hard. You are trying to master your skills as a photographer and as a new business owner. The workshops and coaching programs I offered help you in the core areas of every photography business.


You will master your marketing to get more clients, create your Customer Experience Plan and workflows to manage those clients efficiently, and build the confidence and the pricing structure to make high sales from those clients. 

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Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Lyn Parker, Photographer and Business Coach

As a working photographer who started her business as a 23 year old single mother, I know your struggles first hand. The struggles of starting a photography business with no business background. The struggles of learning the skills to become a great photographer, wondering why some photographers get booked out while you can't get more than 1 or 2 paid clients. The frustration of charging wayyyy less than your worth and still not getting clients. The annoyance of spending hours on a session only to sell $100 worth of images.  

But I want to assure you that there is an easier path. 

It took me years to build a photography business that I was truly proud of. One that didn't require being on social media begging for clients or taking any and every session that came my way. One that landed clients that spend $2000 not $200. One that allowed financial and time freedom. Once I finally figured it out, I realized I could been profitable my first year if I would have learned everything from the beginning.  

As your coach, I will share with you all the important things I've learned in my 8 years as a photographer, and skip over all the fluff. We will work together to build you a photography business that gives your more time with your family, while working with clients you love and actually making money at the same time. 

Is This For Me?

 Are you a new photographer who needs help growing as a photographer and as a business owner? 

Then Yes!

Are you a working photographer who needs help honing your photography skills and managing your business?

Then Yes!

Are you an experienced photographer who needs help making more money and getting some of your time back?

Then Yes!