Hi There! I'm Toi Lyn

I share my journey with women who want to lead by example, whether it's in business, photography, or family life. I share my experience to help empower them to be the best version of themselves, so they can inspire the next generation of women. I’ve been running my photography business for almost 8 years (and started an Artwork company in 2020) and I’ve been sharing my journey my whole life.


Helping women feel confident and empowered makes me so proud and drives everything I do. If you’re looking for community to help you on your journey of being more fulfilled in your life, I’d love for you to join mine!


When I’m not creating beautiful artwork or working with amazing women, I can be found...

  • Dancing

  • Watching Harry Potter or Once upon a time. 

Funny Fact

  •  1959’s Diary of Anne Frank is my favorite movie


Thanks for reading my story!


 Enjoy prowling around my website and have an awesome day!”

Each week I will share insight on how to empower yourself to create a life your proud of